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The Tar: An Instrument Anchored in Time-Honored Tradition


Musical customs from diverse cultures form a nexus, seamlessly weaving the annals of the past into the tapestry of the present. Through these auditory channels, the present generation can vividly interact with bygone eras and their enduring legacies. The Taar is a prime instrument exemplifying this storied heritage. Rooted in Persian musical lineage, it occupies an esteemed position among aficionados. is honored to showcase an array of Tar instruments available for purchase, with a pricing spectrum accommodating all.

The Mesmerizing Chronicle of the Tar

Frequently referred to as ‘Tar,’ the Taar is a plucked stringed apparatus that holds a dominant presence in Persian and Caucasian soundscapes. Distinguished by its dual-chambered design and taut surface, it emits an unmistakable and riveting tone that has traversed the corridors of time. The melodies it conjures span from profound sorrow to rapturous elation. Crafted traditionally from the resilient mulberry tree and graced with elaborate motifs, the Taar is both an auditory delight and a visual masterpiece.

The Profound Cultural Essence of the Taar

Far beyond its identity as a musical tool, the Taar encapsulates the very soul of Persian values, spiritual beliefs, and societal manifestations. In days of old, it was a cornerstone in myriad ceremonies, from regal celebrations to spiritual congregations, mirroring the temperaments and moods of its era. Within Sufi circles, the entrancing melodies of the Taar frequently danced alongside devotional verses, guiding those in attendance toward an ethereal, spiritual communion.

Lotfi playing Tar

An Emblem of Harmony

As epochs have passed, the Taar has eclipsed regional demarcations, emerging as an emblem binding diverse communities and cultures within the expansive Persian territories. From the stretches of Azerbaijan to the terrains of Iran, it has become a medium echoing mutual histories, chronicles of passion, and collective ambitions. This cultural resonance underscores the imperative to safeguard and champion this incredible instrument.

azerbaijani tar

The Taar’s Resonance in Today’s World

Though deeply anchored in antiquity, the Taar has effortlessly found its cadence within the rhythm of modern musical terrains. It’s no longer a rarity to discern the haunting notes of a Taar amidst contemporary orchestral renditions or lend gravity to cinematic compositions. Its ageless timbre bestows richness upon modern melodies, attesting to its perennial relevance.

Harmonizing Cultures

The age of global connectivity has paved the way for eclectic musical amalgamations. The Tar, with its signature sonority, has harmonized with instruments spanning various traditions, from the evocative sitar of India to the resonant guitar of the West. These collaborative endeavors are more than mere auditory expeditions; they signify the confluence of diverse cultures, celebrating the unifying tenor of music.

The Worth of Integrating a Tar into One’s Collection

For the discerning maestro or the fervent curator, the Taar signifies far more than a source of music. It represents epochs of history, the continuum of culture, and the pinnacle of human artistry. In embracing a Taar, one finds:

  • Links to Ancestral Legacy: Delving deep into time-honored sounds and practices.
  • Visual Elegance: Augmenting one’s domicile or musical sanctuary with a piece of unmatched beauty.
  • Musical Journeys: Navigating the boundless expanse of Persian auditory arts and their intricate facets.


The Artistry and Precision in Crafting the Tar

The Tar’s lineage is deeply woven into the annals of ancient Persia. With the passage of time, it has witnessed transformations in its design, tonal qualities, and its role in musical arrangements. While it began its journey in the regal chambers accompanying courtly symphonies, the Taar has gracefully transitioned into folk melodies, contemporary orchestrations, and international musical alliances. Grasping this progression augments one’s admiration for the Taar’s adaptability and lasting allure.

Craftsmanship and performance art of the Tar

Composition and Craft

The archetypal Taar boasts a structure carved from mulberry wood, although other iterations exist. Its distinctive dual-chambered form is shaped with exceptional care to ensure impeccable acoustics. The taut covering on one segment, traditionally derived from lamb entrails, bestows upon it its characteristic sound. Furthermore, the Taar is often beautified with delicate artwork or inlays, echoing regional themes and the craftsman’s individual artistry.

crafting the tar instrument


Technique and Tonality

At first glance, the Taar may appear straightforward. Yet, it necessitates a particular method to truly harness. Boasting six principal strings, often categorized into pairs, it offers an eclectic spectrum of notes. Enthusiasts frequently adjust their tuning in harmony with the maqam or dastgah they aspire to perform. The Taar’s singular methodology, which combines plucking with a sweeping motion, emanates its lively and rich sonority.

Conservation and Upkeep

Similar to its stringed counterparts, the Taar seeks consistent attention to maintain both its tonal excellence and aesthetic charm. It benefits from shelter against drastic temperature shifts, routine tuning, and periodic replacements of its covering or strings. During periods of inactivity, a cushioned enclosure, distanced from direct sunlight or dampness, is optimal. Such unwavering attention ensures Taar’s longevity, be it for an artist or a connoisseur.

Navigating Musical Landscapes with the Taar

While firmly anchored in Persian classical harmonies, the Taar’s sonic potential is boundless. Contemporary maestros have seamlessly infused their tuneful echoes into genres spanning jazz, fusion, and even chart-topping numbers. By recognizing the Taar’s versatility, one opens doors to a vast array of musical styles, amalgamating both time-honored and modern resonances. Such flexibility positions the Taar as indispensable for any sound enthusiast eager to traverse international beats. Your Gateway to Authentic Taar Instruments champions the elegance and significance of the Tar. In doing so, we extend a handpicked ensemble of Tar instruments, with each echoing genuine artistry and finesse. Regardless of whether you’re at the outset of your Persian musical expedition or an accomplished performer, addresses every need.

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The Taar transcends its identity as a mere musical tool. It encapsulates timeless melodies, narratives unfolding with each chord, and an echoing past. At, we extend an invitation to embark on this harmonious voyage. Immerse yourself in Persian symphonies, establish ties with age-old customs, and become a custodian of a legacy. With a Taar instrument awaiting on our platform, your sonic dreams are within arm’s reach. Opt for, where tradition gracefully intertwines with authenticity.