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    We carry any and every single product, you may need as music instruments, accessories and tutorials.

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About Delaramm

At Delaram Exclusive Musical Instruments, our passion for music drives us to curate an extensive and diverse collection of premium-quality instruments. From exquisite stringed instruments like taar, violin, and santour to captivating percussion instruments, wind instruments, and a wide range of accessories, we offer everything a musician needs to hone their craft and express their creativity. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and performance, we strive to provide musicians of all levels with the tools they need to excel. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your musical journey, our carefully selected instruments and accessories are designed to inspire and empower you. Explore our website to discover our latest offerings and take the next step in your musical adventure with Delaram Exclusive Musical Instruments!

Featured New Arrival

Every week we have a new featured product, handmade by one of the top industry artists. Featured products are mainly limited in limited numbers. Check them out regularly not to miss them.

Handmade Persian Taar By Ali-Yari

  • Handmade

    This musical instrument is tailored to a professional’s needs, handmade, finished and produced by Alli-Yari, distributed by Delaram Music.

  • Long Lifetime

    This instrument, because of the great choice of materials and expertise in production is considerably more qualified than a typical student or standard taar.

  • Amazing acoustic sound

    By just trying this instrument once, you will fall in love with the great quality of sound and reflection. Every single component in production of the instrument is designed to boost the performance and experience.

side prod

Maple Wood Structure


Finest Scratch-proof Finishing


High Quality Handmade String


Delaram Exclusive Leather Platform

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Worldwide Delivery

We deliver everywhere for reasonable shipping fees and delivery times.

Secure Payment

We use SSL for all pages of our website and payment process.

Debit, Gift and Cred Cards

We accept almost all sorts of card or App payments.

Reasonable Return Policies

We have return and refunds, for damaged products.

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