Which Setar mizrab is the best to buy?

widespread recognition and acclaim in recent years. If you play right-handed, you’ll use your right index finger’s nail, and if you play left-handed, your left index finger’s nail will do. In any case, special tools called “mizrab” have been invented to make playing the setar simpler for individuals who are unable to play the instrument […]

The Tonbak: An Enduring Symbol of Persian Musical Heritage

  The tonbak, also known as the tombak, is an essential instrument in Persian classical music. This goblet-shaped drum has a storied history and a unique sound that continues to captivate musicians and audiences alike. With an increasing demand for tonbak drums, it is now easier than ever to find a tonbak for sale. Whether […]

Setar Introduction

Setar is a traditional Persian musical instrument, considered to be one of the main instruments of Persian classical music. It has a soundbox covered with thin wood which contributes to the improvement of the sound, and a long neck, with four strings. According to many, its presence goes back more than 1000 years. It is […]